Face recognition for pigs – how technology is changing food systems in China

Posted on February 10, 2021

Since when did a blockchain chicken farm have anything to do with International Development? Since now.

Xiaowei Wang, speaking at IID21, explores the connections between community empowerment, technology and ecology through public art, technology projects and words.

Xiaowei is the author of “Blockchain Chicken Farm and Other Stories of Tech in China’s Countryside” which explores how technology is changing the relationship between the rural poor in China and the nature, and its implications for economic growth, power and sustainability. Technologies such as facial recognition for pigs and blockchain chicken farms, technologies raising questions but also suggesting answers.

The New York Times called Blockchain Chicken Farm “a nuanced and thought-provoking account”. You can join Xiaowei in Move 2 – Vibrations in the Present, a session of the main event of IID, 24 March.


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