Technology Is Not a Panacea

Posted on February 19, 2021

On the WINGS community website of thought leaders and changemakers, researcher, policy analyst, advocacy strategist, and IID speaker, Nanjira Sambuli, is cautious about finding a one-size-fits-all digital solution for every real-world problem,

“When one particular technological approach doesn’t work, a new, shinier one is always on the horizon, promising to finally offer a fix. In education, for instance, we have seen the feverish claims shift from providing laptops to schools, to introducing surveillance systems such as cameras in classrooms to monitor students’ performance— all the while, doubling down on the idea that it is technology that will ‘hack’ the complex challenges the sector faces.”

In her thought-provoking column, she argues for patience and a more modest role for philanthropy when it comes to digital disruption to “minimise harms and maximise benefits of digital technologies.”

Nanjira will be talking about these challenges and much more in the Development and Its Futures session at IID on March 23.


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