Putting Poverty in the Spotlight

Posted on February 23, 2021
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In a wide-ranging interview on the World Economic Forum blog, Martin Burt, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fundación Paraguaya, creator of Poverty Spotlight, and IID panelist, explains how his organization is persuading Paraguayan companies to take more care of their employees with the eventual aim of eliminating poverty.

“For the first time, through the Poverty Stoplight data, governments have access to the other side of service delivery. It is revolutionary for them to be able to see what the outcomes really are. When government decision-makers see a Google map overlay of our Poverty Stoplight respondents, with different filters for which families are reporting undernourishment, which families are not vaccinated, which families do not have birth certificates for their children, they love it. They love it because governments are usually trained to use samples and census data.”

He argues that Poverty Spotlight enables poor people “to self-diagnose their own level of poverty in 30 minutes using a smartphone or a tablet”. The tool is now in use in eighteen countries.

Martin Burt will take part in the Vibrations in the Present plenary session on March 24.


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