15:00-17:00 CET
10:00-12:00 EDT

Future Framing Session powered by EY – Berlin explores Green Economies & Innovation

Webinar Virtual

Uniting the public and private sector for a future that puts our planet first

Ambitious targets for global climate action have been set by the Paris Agreement, the EU Green Deal and the Nationally Determined Contributions, creating the regulatory environment that determines the response to climate change in both public and private sectors. Stakeholders are now tasked with implementing effective strategies for accelerating this extensive transformation.

The need for acceleration, which had been apparent before the world was faced with a global pandemic, has become even more urgent. As developing regions and underprivileged communities bear the increased burden of pandemic response and climate change adaptation, new questions about the importance of creating a global green, innovative and inclusive new order arise for policy makers, development practitioners and business leadership.

Ernst & Young (EY) welcomes you to join this collaborative session with UNDP to redefine the role of stakeholders in politics, business and society for the transition into an inclusive and sustainable future.


  • Demonstrating the need for cross-sector bilateral and multilateral partnerships across regions to achieve the 2030 Agenda 
  • Discussing a shift in mindset by politics, business and society in light of unknown emerging risks and the implications of establishing a new innovative understanding of what it means to be a green economy – encouraging the development of new patterns for the future of development
  • Highlighting how innovation can accelerate the transformation exponentially by exploring futuristic approaches in policy making and innovative business models
  • Showcasing the involvement of the next generation in global climate action and their influence on policy makers and business leaders on what they can achieve together – “Leave no one behind”

The session will address three key questions among others:

  • How can new cross-sector collaborations lead to innovative solutions for transitioning into a greener, more inclusive future whose benefits and opportunities are accessible to all? 
  • How do we develop the best strategies and redefine the different roles of public and private sectors for driving innovation and accelerating climate action?
  • How can we establish inclusive mechanisms for climate risk management and finance support for the communities most affected by climate change?



15:00 CET: Introduction

15:25 CET: Panel

16:20 CET: Fireside Chat

16:40 CET: Case Study



The moderators for the event are Bernhard Lorentz, EY Managing Partner and Markets Leader GSA, and Nadim Choucair, Founder of 2030 Cabinet & Global Goals Berlin.


  • Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator
  • Bernhard Lorentz, EY Managing Partner and Markets Leader GSA 
  • Jochen Flasbarth, State Secretary at the Ministry for the Environment, Germany

Panel: How can public policy play an innovative role in ensuring a just transition into a future green economy?

    • Mirjana Spoljaric Egger, Assistant UNDP Administrator and Director of the Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS
    • Martin Jäger, State Secretary at the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany
    • Beata Javorcik, Chief Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    • Veronica Scotti, Chairperson Public Sector Solutions, Swiss Re

Fireside Chat: How should the economy be adapting to the green transformation – futuristic and innovative approaches to tackle the climate challenge

  • Stephan Ramesohl, Co-Head of Research Unit Digital Transformation, Wuppertal Institute
  • Alan Laubsch, Co-Founder & CEO, GenBlue

Case Study: Kolektiv Z

  • Sofija Getova, Co-Founder Kolektiv Z
  • Ena Utevska, Co-Founder Kolektiv Z


  • Nadim Choucair