9:15 - 10:30 CET
04:15 - 05:30 EDT

Movement 1: « Questioning Identity and the past » – Session 2 « Paradigm Lock-in: What after the WESTERN model of development? »

Webinar Virtual

The international development project was founded on the premise that “Western” models of development should be exported to developing “third world” countries. The sector has, at least formally, moved on from these initial premises but lots of the underlying thinking and paradigms still permeate the work of international organisations.

What are the costs of the forgotten perspectives, who is paying for them and how? What promises do forgotten truths hold for living in the 21st century? What are the new pathways that can be unlocked once we acknowledge that the next big thing will not come from Silicon Valley, but from Jakarta, Bogota or Dubai? Some questions: What implications has the north-south paradigm created? If not geography and forms of development, what distinctions represent more fully the forgotten perspectives and ways of living and relating to nature and ourselves?

What will be the alternative development models that replace the Western paradigm?