9:15 - 10:30 CET
04:15 - 05:30 EDT

Movement 1: « Questioning Identity and the past » – Session 3 « Paradigm lock-in: Encoding inequalities in our INFRASTRUCTURES – built & digital world »

Webinar Virtual

The Eurocentric, northern and white discourse drives the way we speak (global language), view the world (maps), and determines whose knowledge matters (one truth over another).  It is no different with the way we build the world around us – where the physical (and digital) infrastructures perpetuate different inequalities and some on a molecular, biological levels. 

How do our cities increase biological inequality and accelerate mortality of the poor by exposing them to multitude of environmental stressors?  What forms of new violence in digital space perpetuates the distance between haves vs have nots?  How does the growth of cities that originate from the center to periphery drives the ‘otherness’ and walls between newcomers (migrants, refugees) and host communities?

What alternative infrastructures can we imagine once we move beyond the current lock-ins?