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Regional Conversation on Inclusive Digitalization in Latin America and the Caribbean

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The Covid-19 pandemic created a critical juncture for digital technology around the world to counter the isolation, disseminate health measures and facilitate commerce and economic transactions. However, it remains to be seen if this juncture goes deep enough to create a structural change, especially in terms of inclusive technology adoption and the corresponding productivity growth.

Containment measures during the pandemic opened a divisive gap of opportunities between people that through digital tools could continue working or studying remotely, and those who didn`t have the knowledge, equipment or the type of occupation that could be performed from afar. As the pandemic evolved, many employers, workers (employees, entrepreneurs and self-employed) and governments are trying to figure out the best ways to bridge the gap. There are three necessary conditions to leverage the development potential of this unique situation: important investments in infrastructure and device access, skills development, specially for lagged populations, and regulation for public-private cooperation.

The event will explore the outlook for digital transformation in Latin America and the Caribbean beyond the pandemic and spark a conversation about the type of actions governments could take to ensure that the momentum generated by the pandemic is maintained to achieve inclusive digitalization, and through it, a boost on productivity.

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