10:00 EDT
16:00 Jo'burg

Innovation in the informal economy – what do policymakers need to know?

Webinar Virtual

COVID has brought in focus the two faces of informal economies – the precarious state of informal workers with no access to social protection in the face of quarantine and other pandemic related measures, and agility of the system to respond to the unprecedented social & economic shocks that hit different countries. In this conversation, we will explore what alternative development & legislative paths would emerge if informality is considered a more resilient form of economic activity as opposed to a space to be regulated? 

We’ll hear from Erika Kraemer Mbula, visiting professor of practice at UCL’s Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose about her work on informal economy.  She applies a particular frame to informality – a hidden engine of innovation – to unpack critical questions for a sector that represents a significant share of output and employment in many developing countries. What is the role of the informal sector in economic development? What policies might support informal sector innovation, improve its impacts and accelerate its spread?      

Our Resident Representatives from Gambia & Zimbabwe, Aissata De and Georges Van Montfort, will reflect on how Erica’s insights track with their own experience of working with government and other partners on questions of informality. Lastly, we’ll hear about UNDP’s Informal Economy Facility from Mansour Ndiaye, the head of BPPS’ inclusive growth team.

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