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Yerevan: City Based Alternate Reality Simulation (Movement 3, Prototyping Futures)

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City-based Alternate Reality Simulation: Yerevan

Alternate Reality Simulations will be conducted in 7 cities around the world as a result of a unique partnership between UNDP and Synthesis at Arizona State University.  Through bespoke simulations that leverage real-world challenges and data, participants will explore alternative futures for key cities in different regions around the world.

Solving complex challenges (like COVID-19) requires a departure from traditional way of planning & implementing policy, and collaborating with different groups in society.  Complexity generates a high level of uncertainty for policy makers and societies alike and an accompanying sense of helplessness that often results in short-term thinking and a premium on quick fixes.

Simulations, on the other hand, allow for collective structured conversations aimed at solving real-world challenges that, whilst fictitous (the what-if this happens scenarios), are entirely plausible in the local socio-economic and political realities of each city.  They allow for a collective building of new mental models to better make sense of fast changing realities, expanding the options at the disposal of policy makers and societies.

This blog post on the IID website explains Alternate Reality Simulations as a concept.