Adlai Goldberg

Global Life Sciences Digital, Social and Commercial Innovation Leader,

As EY Global Life Sciences Digital, Social and Commercial Innovation Leader, Adlai is focused on developing the necessary digital infrastructure to support emerging, next-generation forms of individualized therapies to tackle cancer and rare diseases.

Having a keen interest in different cultures, he has chosen to spend his career living and working around the world in many markets including Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia and Switzerland.

With more than 28 years of professional experience in media, communications and consulting to his credit, Adlai helped establish EY global social media services and analytics hub. Additionally, he has also helped launch the world’s first interactive television platform in Hong Kong.

How Adlai is building a better working world:

“I have been blessed with two opportunities to make important contributions to this world. First, I helped directly support the reconstruction and rehabilitation of communities affected by the tsunami in 2004 that hit Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, working with donors and helping nongovernmental organizations manage their financial resources in order to provide the greatest support possible.

Second, I helped design Pointellis™, the digital infrastructure needed to support emerging individualized therapies that may, one day, help cure cancer and rare diseases.”

Recently, Adlai who, as a result of all the hard work from the EY Pointellis™ team, was named by PharmaVoice as one of their most 100 inspiring people of 2020.