Alan Laubsch

Co-Founder & CEO

Alan is an internationally recognized risk management thought-leader and impact investor. His mission is to protect life and regenerate Earth’s ecosystems by growing an Earth Positive economy that includes nature in global accounting systems.  

Alan is a co-founder of EarthPulse, a super brain (and heart) to empower protectors of Mother Earth with exponential technologies. Previously, Alan established Natural Capital Markets at Swiss based Lykke AG, where he pioneered blockchain-based forestry and carbon backed tokens. Alan is a co-founder & CEO of Generation Blue, a venture studio for nature, and is an advisor to several impact ventures including Envirate, TASK.IO, Global Mangrove Trust, and YesWeTrust. Alan has over two decades of risk management experience advising the world’s leading financial institutions, and was one of 25 founding members of the RiskMetrics Group. Alan is an avid kitesurfer and ocean lover.