Iriya Ndeshithigilwa Jona

Nam-Oceanic Kelp

Iriya Jona is an Innovative Agripreneur who holds a bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from Namibia. She Co-Founded in Nam-Oceanic Kelp Production Enterprise, which is a company that was working on processing seaweeds that wash up shore into poultry feed and animal feed supplements. She has now joined a new startup company starting a kelp farm North of Luderitz to harvest giant kelp and further process it for bio stimulants and animal feed.

In her standpoint, the Namibian marine environment has a huge potential for seaweed production due to its productivity, hence why that potential needs to be tapped into. She believes this way Production and value addition can be done to the resources in the country and help Namibia become self-sustainable. She has acquired a lot of leadership skills from her entrepreneurial journey and plans on implementing those skills in growing seaweed production companies in Namibia and getting them well established!