Speakers Announced: Alaa Salah and Alicia Garza

Posted on March 2, 2021
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An exciting new session has just been added to the Main Event of #IID21 – a conversation with Alaa Salah and Alicia Garza.

’From social movements to shifting power dynamics – lessons from the trenches on how change happens’ will take place on 23 March and will bring together, for the first time, two of the highest profile social justice advocates of recent times.

Social justice movements took a center stage in 2020, centering around systemic weaknesses and inequities in our societies that COVID both laid bare and exacerbated.  They called for decommissioning outdated world views that might have seemed relevant at one point in time but are not longer useful – views that perpetuate inequalities and drive (ethnic, gender, racial) discrimination across and within societies.

Social movements showed remarkable resilience as a political strategy in the year where the world faced the greatest public health crises in over a century with pervasive lockdowns and other restrictive measures it triggered.  Carnegie’s Global Protest Tracker shows that last year featured one protest every four days globally.

What can we learn from social movements about questioning legacy lock ins and inherent patterns of the past that prevent us from thinking and acting differently, and seeing new possibilities?

Register now to find out during the Main Event.


About the Speakers:

Alaa Salah is a Sudanese student and anti-government protester. She gained world-wide media attention from a picture of her taken during the 2018/2019 Sudanese Revolution by Lana Haroun that went viral in April 2019. The image of Salah has been dubbed as “Woman in White” or “Lady Liberty” of Sudan.

Alicia Garza is Principal of Black Futures Lab and was a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, which inspires social justice protests against dominance and inequality around the world. In her book, The Purpose of Power, Alicia talks about ingredients to build movements – long term, long haul, building alliances and creating spaces to give voice to those who have been invisible.



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