Systems don’t change systems. People do.

Posted on February 10, 2021
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In a recent TED talk, UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner, shared his perspective on how change comes about – namely that systems don’t change systems: people do.

Humanity now has incredible power to shape nature and the Earth: the power to destroy and the power to repair. In this action-oriented talk, Steiner shows how this power is putting our own survival at risk — and takes us on a global tour of individuals and societies that are choosing to write a new, sustainable and equitable chapter for people and the planet.

Achim Steiner’s TED talk offers a preview of the type of people – edge thinkers and doers, civic leaders, academics, Heads of Government and Ministers, founders and CEOs – who will reimagining development at Istanbul Innovation Days.



[Header Photo: UNDP/Astrid Stawiarz for Getty Images 1206098561]


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